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Pelengas Z-linka 55 with offset handle 2/3

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Pelengas Z-linka 55 with offset handle 2/3

Pelengas Z-linka 55 with a 2/3 offset handle is our variant of a pneumatic underwater speargun of Zelinsky's system. These spearguns have a movable barrel and valve system. Although on the outside they practically do not differ from the Magnum and Magnum+ lines, inside they are completely different. The efficiency coefficient of these spearguns is higher; they are more complicated structurally and more suitable for trophy spear fishing. These spearguns require more maintenance, but at the same time they are superior to the classic pneumatic underwater spearguns.

The feature, which distinguishes Pelengas Z-linka from other spearguns of Zelinsky’s system, is the quality of materials and assembly. We use only high-quality materials for production of our underwater spearguns.

Offset handle allows using this spearguns in muddy water for hunting trophy fish in hard locations, for example, in the reeds.

The other distinctive feature of Pelengas Z-linka is that, unlike other spearguns of Zelinsky’s system, Pelengas spearguns can be pumped either through the barrel or through the rear valve (other Zelinsky’s spearguns are pumped only through the barrel).


The main features of Pelengas Z-linka 55:

  • Total length of the speargun is 55 cm

  • Barrel Diameter is 10,5 mm

  • Stainless steel line release and trigger

  • Regular tempered Tahitian shaft with a threaded tip (diameter - 7 mm; length - around 65 cm)

  • Sharp shooting

  • Titanium damper

  • Anodized aluminum receiver


The package includes:

  • Speargun Pelengas Z-linka 55 with 2/3 Offset Handle - 1

  • Pump - 1

  • Tahitian shaft with one screwable  tip’s points (triangular, dowel or crown) -  1

  • Safe stainless steel loader 12 mm - 1

  • Additional piston - 1

  • Product passport and instruction - 1

  • Branded case - 1

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